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Employment law - (Includes discrimination and labor law) - Your employees are the hands and feet of your business. As federal and state regulations become more complex, many business owners are turning to their attorneys to keep them on course with what the government requires, and to help them develop policies that are fair to employees, but leave employers appropriately in control of the workplace. And sometimes, even employers who are enlightened and completely compliant with government regulations will still find themselves faced with legal action from an unhappy employee.


International trade and transportation - International transactions in goods and services with parties overseas implicate a different set of laws and a different set of problems than do domestic sales. Importers and exporters, as well as customs brokers, freight forwarders, ocean transportation intermediaries, and others who do business beyond our borders face problems that are unknown in strictly domestic businesses. With legal changes brought about by the Department of Homeland Security and particularly Customs and Border Protection, it is important to work with an attorney who understands the unique legal challenges facing clients who ply this trade.


Entity formation - Even the most modest business venture will benefit from seeking legal advice at startup. The decision about whether to incorporate, form an LLC, act as a sole proprietor or form some other entity, will deeply affect many aspects of the business's future throughout its life. Proper structuring can result in significant tax savings, more harmonious interaction between business owners, protection of the owners' private assets, and a smoother exit strategy, to name just a few benefits. Restructuring later in the company's life can sometimes also correct problems with minimal complications.


Contracts and disputes - At the heart of every business transaction, from selling a corporation to buying a latte, there is a contract, whether written or unwritten, whether spelled out or implied. If your business is active, from time to time, you will have a disagreement with a customer or vendor, whether about warranties, about what payment is due, or about whether there was a deal at all. It's reassuring to have reliable legal counsel to turn to when the problem cannot be resolved by the parties and too much is at stake to write off. An effective attorney can also sometimes help you develop strategies to prevent some of these disputes from arising.


The law is the last result of human wisdom acting upon human experience for the benefit of the public.
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